On-Trend Trainers: The Vegan Styles That Aren't Going Anywhere.

On-Trend Trainers: The Vegan Styles That Aren't Going Anywhere. - elliott footwear

Trendy Athletic Shoes: A Trend That Won't Go Away.

Some trends come and go while others never seem to leave us. One such trend is the sporty-casual athleisure style which always seems to appear in some form or another, whether it be on a runway or walking down the street. Trainers are at its core with this trend because they can make anything look casual—from dresses to suits! When you think of trainers one thing that typically comes to mind would be sustainability and recent studies have shown just how important this topic really is for Millennials and Generation Z. An increase in use of sustainable materials like recyclable plastics were noticed when looking at people who wear sneakers so there was no way that this wasn't going to make its way into trending designs coming out soon (mainly because these younger generations want materials that don't contribute as much harm towards the environment).

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On-Trend Trainers: The Vegan Styles That Aren't Going Anywhere.

The popularity of the sportswear trend never goes away; it's been around for yonks. Trainers are one example, because they're so versatile - perfect for anything from your work outfit to running errands. Recent trends show that there has been an explosion of vegan trainers in recent seasons. This has come as more people become aware of how damaging leather shoes can be to the environment, while also realizing that there isn't enough awareness out there about where our clothes and other products come from before they end up on store shelves or even being shipped overseas—most often with no regard at all for worker safety or how much pollution is created when creating these things we take so little time thinking about until something goes wrong.