How to build a minimalist wardrobe and get more from your clothes

How to build a minimalist wardrobe and get more from your clothes

In fashion, minimalism seems the word on everybody’s lips. Relaxed, reliable cuts and dialed down colour palettes have become the go-to for brands at all price points.  As the trend cycle shortens daily and consumerism seems at an all-time high, more and more people have found comfort in classic silhouettes and smaller wardrobes. There’s more reason now than ever to take a minimalist approach to your own collection, and potentially help the planet in the process.


Whites, greys, blacks and blues are a great place to start when building a minimalist wardrobe. Most items in these colours will go together and simplify the process of getting dressed; even scraping an outfit together in a rush the chances are it’ll work. Beige and natural colours work well, too, and as you find your feet pastels and soft shades are a great way to introduce brighter colours to your collection. Particularly as we head for warmer weather, baby pinks, natural greens and cobalt blues can add intrigue and complexity to the outfits you already keep in heavy rotation.

Keeping things interesting

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring outfits. Well-fitting, reliable pieces can serve to enhance the statement pieces you love, and adding patterns and pops of colour brings individuality to otherwise dialled down looks.

Texture is another tool you can use to add depth and variety to the way you dress; having a range of fabrics in your repertoire means that although you’ll get a great amount of usage from every piece you own, you’ll still have a number of options for any occasion. This is, of course, more difficult in the warmer months, but sleeveless knitwear, linen shirts and trousers and statement accessories are great ways to give life to outfits throughout spring and summer.

Reducing Consumption

The environmental detriment of the fashion industry is well established, and some sources estimate it’s responsible for around 10% of global carbon emissions. In the long run, pivoting your wardrobe towards minimalism could help reduce your consumption, and as a result carbon footprint. Being mindful about purchases and buying dependable, reliable pieces should mean you get more use out of them for longer.

Fast fashion retailers depend on meeting the rapidly changing demand of the ever shortening trend cycle. While these brands are of course at the heart of the problem, making small, positive changes to your own consumption can never be a bad thing. Buying minimalist, classic items can help to escape this cycle and mean that clothes aren’t so quickly thrown away or buried at the bottom of your wardrobe.

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